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Conceptual Site Model Development


A Conceptual Site Model (CSM) is a systematic planning tool that is used to identify potential sources of contamination associated with a site, possible biological entities that are susceptible to contaminant exposure and the contaminant migration routes by which these entities could potentially be exposed. Supported by scientific and technical decisions, CSMs identify source-pathway-receptor relationships to identify data gaps in the characterization process by conceptualizing unknown environmental site issues and/or anticipating unexpected scenarios that may arise in the future.

AGES has extensive experience developing CSMs for a variety of projects including landfills operated by major utility companies. AGES can use data collected during field investigations to develop a CSM for each CCR unit at a facility. We can also develop a CSM that incorporates more than one CCR unit for larger facilities with multiple CCR units in close proximity. A properly developed CSM can help reduce long-term costs associated with operating a CCR unit by predicting unforeseen problems and providing foresight to plan accordingly during decision-making processes.


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