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Groundwater Monitoring Services



We utilize a variety of low-flow purging methods to sample groundwater at CCR landfills and surface impoundments. The method used depends on the requirements of the site, the client and the regulations. Our personnel will purge groundwater from monitoring wells, determine its characteristics (temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, oxygen reduction potential, pH, and turbidity), assess the impact of Appendix III and Appendix IV constituents, and determine the proper course of action to keep your CCR unit in compliance.

To preserve sample integrity, our equipment will be decontaminated between sampling locations using approved detergents and decontamination procedures. Furthermore, samples collected onsite will be immersed in an ice bath immediately after collection. Afterwards, our samples will be shipped to an approved laboratory at 4º C in properly labeled, approved containers under chain of custody.

All wastes generated during sampling and monitoring will be properly handled onsite before offsite transport. Wastewater can be stored in 55-gallon drums or polytanks of varying volumes. We will also manage wastewaters generated onsite and determine the proper disposal method for bulk product and miscellaneous wastes. All wastes will be properly labeled both onsite and during offsite transport in accordance with DOT requirements.

Our Groundwater Monitoring Services Include:


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