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Database Services


For the efficient management of the large amount of data that will be generated over the life of each CCR groundwater monitoring program, AGES offers a wide array of database services. We have deployed countless environmental information and knowledge management systems for our clients for a wide range of contamination management projects. Our approach is to develop customized or turn-key solutions that deliver value and exceed customer expectations. This is achieved by having a clear understanding of the client’s requirements, a strong project delivery and system fine-tuning based on user feedback. Our staff uses the latest web technologies to deliver data or manage client data in-house.

Some of the database services we offer for CCR management projects include:

  • Custom Database Design and Development
  • Data Migration Services
  • Document Management Systems
  • Field Data Collection Systems
  • Laboratory Data Management Services
  • Site Prioritization Systems
  • Waste Data Management Systems
  • Web-based Environmental Data Management Systems
  • Web-based Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


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