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Statistical Analysis of Monitoring Data


The CCR Rule specifies that the owner or operator of a CCR unit must select one of the statistical analysis methods specified in 40 CFR 257.93 (f)(1) through (f)(5) of the CCR Rule to appropriately evaluate groundwater monitoring data. The proper statistical analysis method must be chosen according to site-specific characteristics and will be used to determine Statistically Significant Increases (SSIs) in Appendix III and Appendix IV constituent concentrations over background levels.

To establish the background data set for CCR groundwater monitoring programs, eight (8) temporally independent groundwater sampling rounds must be completed prior the October 17, 2017 deadline. The results of these initial rounds of sampling will serve as the background data set to which the results of the Detection Monitoring Program will be statistically evaluated. The results of the statistical analysis of the initial rounds of sampling must be included in the initial Annual Groundwater Monitoring and Corrective Action Report, which is required to be published by January 31, 2018.

After completion of four (4) or five (5) of the initial sampling rounds, AGES will conduct a preliminary evaluation of the data collected from each CCR unit to determine the best statistical method to use once the initial eight (8) rounds of sampling are complete.

AGES’ staff have extensive experience with the various types of statistical methods recommended in the CCR Rule. We have been complying with the statistical requirements for groundwater monitoring programs at CCR units in several states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana.


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